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Year 1 Blog October 2019

We have created a blog post about Talk for Writing in Year 1.
please click the link to read and find out more: Talk for Writing in Year 1


2017 Pirate visit

Year 1 got a surprise visit from Pirate Pete Pigglesworth. He brought along his friend Charlie the parrot. We learnt lots about the life of a pirate at sea and all Pirate Pete’s adventures too.




This week year 1 dressed as pirates for pirate day. We had lots of fun making our own pirate ships and investigating if they floated or sank. We found treasure using an old treasure map and we also made our own jelly ships. They were yummy!


Year 1 had a special visitor this week.  On Monday, they recieved a letter from the fairy god mother explaining that she was coming to visit them.  They all wrote a list of questions that they wanted to find out about her.  She came on Wednesday and it was so magical! (she even brought her fairy dust with her)

Core Values