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Compass Primary School

The Peckover Curriculum

Curriculum Design

Our curriculum challenges, excites and ignites curiosity in our children and will enable them to become successful, lifelong learners. The highly ambitious, progressive curriculum has been developed by the Brooke Weston curriculum development team and teaching staff. It has been designed, in conjunction of subject associations and national experts, and it introduces pupils to the best that has been thought and said, engendering an appreciation of human creativity and achievement. The inclusive curriculum has been designed to ensure it is accessible to all, irrespective of need.  We regularly moderate, evaluate the content and adapted to meet the needs of the communities that we serve. It builds towards the National Curriculum end points, and beyond. 

A set of carefully considered, incremental, progressive knowledge and skills, for each subject area, have been designed to ensure our children become successful individuals, who are equipped for their future in this ever-changing modern society with a lifelong love of learning. 

Our curriculum is designed to develop the appropriate subject specific knowledge skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum and beyond.  Alongside this, our curriculum provides purposeful first-hand experiences, enquiry, cultural capital and practical activities, so that children develop an emotional connection to, and an understanding of, their place in the world.  In conjunction with this, our 50 Before Year 7 programme is designed to develop culture, achievement and aspiration. 

What makes us Peckover?

At Peckover, we want to expose children to rich real-life experiences, inside and outside the classroom, developing a deep contextual understanding and love of learning, meaning children will know more, remember more and be able to do more. Our knowledge rich curriculum provides cultural capital which powerfully addresses disadvantage as a result our pupil outcomes are rapidly improving year on year and by the time they complete their Peckover journey they are ready for the next stage of their education and future employment. 

Peckover School - ‘an exciting place for pupils to learn and staff to teach’ (Ofsted 2016)

The Early Years of a child’s education

In the early years of a child’s education, we recognise the importance of language and communication development, as well as physical, social and emotional development. Reflecting on the positive impact seen using the EYFS curriculum, we have adopted this style of learning in Year 1 classrooms. Peckover staff have developed a progression of skills for continuous provision, from nursery to Year 1 to ensure children are constantly challenged.

We have designed our Early Years and Year 1 Curriculum to be play based to meet the language, social, emotional and physical needs of our children, many of whom begin school significantly below national expectations.

We aim through our continuous provision, for our children to become independent learners. The curriculum and provision are designed to foster and ignite children’s curiosity and intrigue.  We believe that a high quality, stimulating, outside learning environment is integral to the curriculum, to ensure we engage with all learners, whilst meeting every child’s developmental needs. Each year, we aim to adapt the provision to meet the diverse and individual needs of each cohort, to ensure that every child reaches their full potential.

Everything we do at Peckover is underpinned by the Brooke Weston Trust core values. Please visit for more details. 

Peckover School is at the heart of the town of Wisbech; a town with a complex demography, with high levels of social deprivation and a changing population, due to levels of migration from Eastern Europe, making mobility a contributing factor to our challenges. Peckover School is a diverse and vibrant community, where children thrive.  We believe that quality teaching and our curriculum allows all children, including those with English as an additional language and disadvantaged children, to flourish. We value creating curiosity in our children and want them to develop culture capital and a sense of awe and wonder in the World around them.

High Expectations

Peckover has high expectations of the whole school community. There is a strong emphasis on the teaching of language development and reading. In order to commit these basic skills to long term memory, we repeatedly and relentlessly refer to them in all aspects of learning. Our children are ever challenged to be the best they can in all aspects of school life. 

Excellent Teaching and Support

Our quality first teaching, from aspirational practitioners, has high impact for all children, with many pupils making exceptional progress, both academically and socially and emotionally.  Staff are highly reflective, innovative and create learning environments and experiences, which actively engage and excite pupils.

Using regular detailed formative and summative assessments, teachers link our curriculum to specific gaps in children’s understanding. Through highly effective teaching teams, we ensure no child is left behind, by addressing misconceptions and gaps in skills, through personalised interventions, and immediate feedback in order to commit core skills to long term memory.

We have recognised that in order to allow children to access our rich curriculum and achieve academic success, they must be emotionally and socially ready to learn, we therefore put high quality pastoral care, personal development, nurture and Forest School at the heart of our teaching and school life.

Working Together

Out school ethos centres on working together as a team including staff, pupils and parents and our colleagues across the Trust. We are ‘TEAM PECKOVER’. High levels of collaboration are evident throughout the school within and across staff teams and pupils in all aspects of school life.

We aim to create a caring and nurturing environment, where the whole family is welcomed.  In this family, we recognise that every child is unique.

Contributing to Society

Our curriculum doesn’t end in the classroom and we believe our PROUD school values create opportunities that enable our students to be full and active contributors to society.

P perseverance

R respect

O take every opportunity

U be united

D do your best

We are a school based on respect and we are PROUD of our school.

We recruit and train locally, and value and support high-quality CPD for all staff. We nurture and encourage staff to achieve apprenticeships, NPQ qualifications, QTS and support staff gain degrees, which contributes to Peckover being a great place to teach and learn for all.


Because of our high-quality teaching and curriculum provision, the vast majority of our children leave at the expected standard in all subjects and many excess that National expectations. This, therefore ensures that learners are prepared for the next stage of their education and move on to secondary schools as confident and independent individuals, who will contribute to society and who will become lifelong learners.

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Core Values