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Compass Primary School


Design and Technology Curriculum Intent:

“Always design a thing by considering it in its larger context – a chair in a room, a room in a houe, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.”

Eero Saarinen

Design and technology provides children at Peckover with the opportunity to evaluate how objects are designed and built and how food is grown and harvested. It is important that the value of design is studied within a context to ensure skills and knowledge are meaningful to children. If they consider the design of an object and the growth of a plant within an engaging environment, they will develop a deeper more meaningful understanding of the way it is constructed and grown.

Children learn to construct using sheet materials, reclaimed materials, wood and jinx corners. Each sequence of work begins by evaluating a product and understanding features that make it effective. Children then have opportunities to explore and interrogate the product features before designing their own item.

Children learn to grow their own food within our extensive gardens and are involved in harvesting and cooking the products that they have grown. Each sequence of work begins by learning the basics of what plants need to grow, and how this varies within each life cycle. Children then have the opportunities to watch their products grow and care for them, until it is time to harvest and cook.

Life-long skills and understanding are at the heart of Peckover values and developing cooking skills and understanding how to grow and harvest healthy food is at the core of our DT curriculum.


Cooking skills, including measuring and preparing ingredients hygienically and assembling and cooking ingredients correctly.




A sequence of work begins with studying the work of great designers and technicians. Followed by investigative studies from first- hand experience, before moving onto selected skills to explore the subject. The stimulus for the design work links to the theme of our integrated curriculum.










Construct using : Sheet materials, reclaimed materials, wood & Jinx corners

Follow Early Learning Goal Descriptors


 Cut materials safely using tools provided.

 Demonstrate a range of cutting and shaping techniques (such as tearing, cutting, folding and curling).

Make a jinx corner

Measure and mark out to nearest cm.


Use simple joining techniques .

Construct simple frame using Jinx corners


Cut materials accurately and safely by selecting appropriate tools.

 Select appropriate joining techniques.

Construct cuboid using Jinx corners

Measure and mark out to the nearest mm.


 Apply appropriate cutting and shaping techniques


Construct cuboid with axles and wheels using Jinx corners



Cut materials with precision and refine the finish with appropriate tools (such as sanding wood after cutting or a more precise scissor cut after roughly cutting out a shape).

Construct a variety of shapes using Jinx corners and incorporate axles and wheels and levers

Show an understanding of the qualities of materials to choose appropriate tools to cut and shape (e.g. the nature of fabric may require sharper scissors than would be used to cut paper).

Construct a variety of shapes using Jinx corners and incorporate ways to ‘power’ a vehicle. (eg winding mechanism)


Grow, Harvest & Cook








Follow Early Learning Goal Descriptors




Grow from seeds led by adult

Cut ingredients safely and hygienically.

Assemble or cook ingredients.

Grow from seed and  care for plants with support

Cut, peel or grate ingredients safely and hygienically.

Measure or weigh using measuring cups or electronic scales

Grow Harvest and cook knowledge

Grow from seeds and understand how to care for plants independently

Prepare ingredients hygienically using appropriate utensils.

• Measure ingredients to the nearest gram.

• Assemble and cook ingredients (controlling the temperature of the oven or hob, if cooking).


Grow from seeds and understand how to care for plants independently

Understand the importance of correct storage and handling of ingredients (knowledge of micro-organisms).

• Demonstrate a range of baking and cooking 


Grow from seeds and understand how to care for plants independently

Measure accurately and calculate ratios of ingredients to scale up or down from recipe.

• Create and refine recipes, including ingredients, methods, cooking times and temperatures.


Core Values